Based in Kano, Nigeria, Peace Initiative Network (PIN) aims to prevent and manage violent conflict through advocacy and awareness-raising. Since its inception in 2004, PIN has been committed to conflict prevention, conflict management and youth development in Nigeria. PIN’s activities are anchored on five thematic areas: advocacy, peace education, sports, governance and research.

In late 2022, in response to increasing tensions arising in the run-up to the 2023 elections, Peace Direct awarded PIN two small grants: 1) for a peace promotion advocacy and awareness campaign in Ogun State; and 2) to provide 5 small grants to local groups in Kano and Ogun States to promote collective action for peaceful 2023 elections.

As Nigeria's 2023 general elections drew closer, PIN saw an increase in politically motivated violence, which in turn heightened ethnic and religious tensions since political class tends to play on ethnic and cultural differences.

The increasingly tense political context in Kano and Ogun (Abeokuta) States specifically, presented PIN with an important opportunity to educate key actors and invest in collaborations which promote peace and democratic processes. PIN sought to create a committee comprising of CSOs and local groups working on electoral violence and prevention to contribute to the reduction of incidences of violence and promote peace before, during and after the 2023 general elections in Kano and Abeokuta. With a grant of $2,048, PIN provided LAF accompaniment to subgrantees. 

PIN ran several advocacy events, where 60 local and national stakeholders met to discuss the need for electoral process leading to the 2023 general elections to be devoid of violence, the barriers to a peaceful election, and what each person can do to achieve this. Alongside other groups, they created a recognisable and unified campaign to improve peaceful conduct before, during and after the upcoming general elections.

Secondly, they engaged 40 young people in a 3-day Peace Education seminar. Focussing on civic education, human rights, democratic processes, conflict resolution, and training young people on how to spread peace messages and combat hate speech among their networks.

Finally, PIN accompanied a popular, weekly, 1-hour live phone-in radio show in Yoruba on a local radio station, Splash FM 106.7 Abeokuta. The programmes were interactive, and each episode explore a different issue around the elections. Each week, a guest was invited for discussion, including Ogun State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Police Public Relation Chief, Chairman, Inter Party Advisory Committee, and community and religious leaders. During the show, listeners called in to contribute to live discussions on the show, with some even being received from listeners from South-West region, specifically Ogun, Lagos, Oyo, and Ondo States. For a live streaming of the show on Splash FM 106.7 Abeokuta every Saturdays from 8:00 - 9:00pm (WAT), visit:

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