Founded in 2014, the Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Démocratie (AJCAD) was born out of the determination of committed young people in Mali. These founding members are passionate activists, heavily involved in promoting young people through various fields such as sexual health, governance, advocacy and rights. AJCAD stands out for its innovative approach aimed at strengthening active citizenship and establishing a solid rule of law in the country.

In 2023, AJCAD worked in ten regions plus the Bamako district, employing 47 staff, 15 volunteers and trainees. This was part of their Youth Action for Peace programme, our youth-focused version of the Local Action Fund. Hear from some members of the communities they work with about the impact of their AJCAD’s work in 2023:

Bocoum (Mambri): (Project leader for intercommunity dialogue and advocacy for conflict resolution in Kita Manbri)

"The inhabitants of the Mambri commune lived in really unstable conditions. There was so much misunderstanding between the different communities that they refused to give their children in marriage to each other. But thanks to the Youth Action for Peace project, the inhabitants are now talking to each other.  With the exchanges and awareness-raising that have taken place through the dialogues, and the various interventions by religious and customary leaders, the climate has calmed down in Kita Mambri. The young people have also understood that without peace, there can be no development. Today, there is no tension between the communities. The young people have even created a strong soccer team.”

Abdoulaye Soumaré (Model Citizen project leader) : 

"Our project consisted of training young people and raising their awareness of conflict management, leadership and, above all, road traffic. The associations and young people from conflict zones who took part in this project have kept in touch through the WhatsApp social network. Thanks to this project, these associations have stayed in touch and continue to carry out other projects together, in particular raising awareness among young people about wearing helmets, which the government has just required, while building on the YAP project's road traffic pre-training."

President of Djékafo (Sikasso) (Promouvoir la paix par la cohésion sociale dans la commune rurale de Diomatene):

"In the Ogodiasso area of the Dioumaténé commune, the YAP project has enabled a major mobilization around issues essential to social cohesion and peace. Activities continue even after the end of the YAP project. For the six (6) months of YAP, every time there's an issue of general interest, we use a communication strategy based on discussion forums where everyone is invited to give their opinion. Especially young people, who are always involved in community initiatives. Thanks to this project, young people got together to celebrate September 22. And personally, the YAP has enabled me to get closer to my community. The sustainability of this project even plays into our community sport, which brings the community together around a fun activity." 

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